Enterprise website for "Uralprojectingeenering" company

Our task was to develop an enterprise website with an extensive structure for a company, specializing in design and engineering investigation. In order to increase the site’s conversion rate and make information perception easier, all materials must be systematized and arranged according to the aesthetics of the company.

Design concept

As part of the project, a new logo, as well as the company’s corporate colors, were developed and used in the creation of the site. To complete the visual concept, high quality photos and a unified structure with the large heading were implemented into all the pages. At the same time, competent placement of accents in the right places and the use of a modular grid in page layouts makes the interaction with the webpage intuitively simple.




Background/text on the images


Using different styles of the same font in headings and main text significantly speeds up the display of the page in the browser.
This font is well suited for corporate websites as it draws attention to the headline and is easy to read..

Prototype based on Target specification

Home page layout with added colors and images

A convenient and beautiful interactive project map was developed for that website. When hovering over the city, details on the type of work, the customer and the timing of the task appear. The map was also designed using the corporate colors of the company.

The result

In the framework of the project, a logo, corporate identity and a laconic, easy-to-use webpage were created. The corporate website provides all the needed data about the company and its activities, its history, projects and current news. The site has a feedback form, an interactive map with projects, contacts, a convenient search, an additional language version, an adaptive version for mobile and tablets.

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