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Enterprise website for "Energocomplect Sp. z o.o."

The creation of an enterprise website for the company, specializing in development and management of logistical support structures to supply materials and equipment for the construction of electrical and heat-and-power facilities. Our main goal was to present a great deal of information in such a way as to make the usage of the website as clear and simple as possible.

Design concept

The structure of the website was suggested by the Customer and our task was to elaborate it in order make sure that the process of using the website and searching for particular information on it was simple for the future clients and partners. The website consists of more than 40 pages, has the three-level menu structure and actual news feed.

There are more than 25 projects on the website, with detailed description and convenient sorting on current and complete ones.

The result

The “Energocomplect Sp. z o.o.” company received a restrained and functional website in three language versions. A well-defined structure was developed specially for the peculiarity of the website, as well as the Customer’s requirements. The website also has an adaptive version, convenient for mobile phones and tablets and Content management system.

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